GPW & Associates is an engineering consulting firm, located in Lawrence Kansas, specializing in the design of electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Founded  by Gina Pacumbaba-Watson, over ten years ago, GPW & Associates was a small lighting design firm. Today, GPW has grown to become a full service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering firm that addresses projects from the smallest to the largest. With a full staff of the most experienced and trained engineers in their respective fields, GPW provides qualified technical support of the highest caliber.

GPW clients are as varied as the broad range of services offered. GPW supports owners, architects, developers, and other engineering firms in getting their projects designed right, on time and in budget. GPW specializes in total project planning so the whole process from concept to construction is managed for success. GPW professionals have experience with turnkey project, design-build, plan and specifications, construction manager-at-risk, and other methods of project delivery.

Over the years successful projects have been delivered for government agencies including local cities, state and federal projects. GPW has been the prime consultant on many teams that included architects, interior designers, and other engineers. Private clients have included a national banking organization and large retail facilities. Diversity of clients and projects has become routine at GPW.

GPW is committed to the design of creative engineering solutions which are safe, efficient and practical decisions that will support the goals of the client and the project.

“Solving problems presented by the needs of our clients; going beyond pure function and providing designs that enhance, influence and protect their occupants.”

GPW & Associates, LLC participates directly in the early stages of the planning process by  working with the client, defining the goals, delineating the direction, and providing guidelines within which the design development can proceed most effectively. Optimum engineering expertise associated with solutions that satisfy architectural / aesthetic considerations, site constraints, budget restrictions, client requirements and energy conservation create the framework for an efficient decision-making process and a reappraisal of priorities throughout the design process.

At GPW & Associates, LLC experience gained from a wide variety of projects adds to the development of each stage of the planning process. There are several avenues of solutions to a problem, but only one can best satisfy the unique needs of each client and  project.  The goal is to emphasize imaginative and flexible design solutions, which readily adapt to functions and expanding human needs.